Polished Welded & Seamless Pipe (ASTM A312)

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To complement the aesthetically pleasing attributes of its A270 tubing, Sanitube is pleased to offer polished industrial pipe (A312) in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. Call Sanitube for details!

Product Description

- Polished Pipe available up to 20 foot max lengths.

- Polished Pipe offered with 180, 240, or 320 grit finish according to customer


- OD Polishing available ½” through 12”.

- ID Polishing available 4” through 12”.

- Polished A403 weld fittings available. Inquire with your Sanitube sales representative.

- Polished Pipe is polysleeved and tri-wall boxed for shipment.

- Polished Pipe only ships via truck.

- We are unable to accept returned pipe.


Size (NPS) Schedule 10 Schedule 40
304L 316L 304L 316L
1/2" A312P1-4050 A312P1-6050 A312P4-4050 A312P4-6050
3/4" A312P1-4075 A312P1-6075 A312P4-4075 A312P4-6075
1" A312P1-4100 A312P1-6100 A312P4-4100 A312P4-6100
1-1/4" A312P1-4125 A312P1-6125 A312P4-4125 A312P4-6125
1-1/2" A312P1-4150 A312P1-6150 A312P4-4150 A312P4-6150
2" A312P1-4200 A312P1-6200 A312P4-4200 A312P4-6200
2-1/2" A312P1-4250 A312P1-6250 A312P4-4250 A312P4-6250
3" A312P1-4300 A312P1-6300 A312P4-4300 A312P4-6300
4" A312P1-4400 A312P1-6400 A312P4-4400 A312P4-6400
6" A312P1-4600 A312P1-6600 A312P4-4600 A312P4-6600
8" A312P1-4800 A312P1-6800 A312P4-4800 A312P4-6800
10" A312P1-41000 A312P1-61000 A312P4-41000 A312P4-61000
12" A312P1-41200 A312P1-61200 A312P4-41200 A312P4-61200